What Are the Key Differences Between ASP.NET MVC and WEB API?

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ASP.NET MVC and WEB APIASP.NET MVC makes use of activity methods to allow you in discovering the essential functionalities. Similarly users can also identify and discover all the essential functionalities of Web API also. However beginners often have a hard time in adopting the ASP.NET MVC methodology and also how to proceed with a Web API.

Let’s take a close look on some of the key differences between ASP.NET MVC as well as Web API which might be of help for beginners while selecting between the two.

Discover the most important features of Web Application Interfaces

There are instances during which ASP.NET MVC might satisfy your requirements. Since ASP.NET MVC is usually attached to single and specific web application, it is known to have the ability to uncover the entire type of application requirements instantly with the help of AJAX. Thus ASP MVC controller avoids the need to create a new API as the methodology has the potential to work quickly for uncovering the essential necessities for any given application while working with web applications. However if you are

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Easiest Way to Learn Computer Programming

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Learn Computer ProgrammingIf you are really interested to learn Java then you are at the right place because here in this article you will find an overview of Java basics over here. So here it is a provision for you for as a self guided version. There would be plenty of code examples as you move ahead with this article.

This first article presents the Java system and describes the distinction between its three editions: Java SE, Java EE, and Java ME. You’ll also learn about the part of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in implementing Java applications.

A general purpose and an object oriented language that looks a lot like C and C++ but is easier to use and allows you to create more programs.

A network-savvy language: TCP/IP network protocols like HTTP and FTP and it can be easily coped up with extensive network library of Java. And they can access the URLs in an easy way as if its is a normal file.

Java is a robust language: Java programs must work because they are used in both client and mission-critical programs, different

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Being a Java Developer Everyone Wants

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Java DeveloperThe programming industry is more complex than we have ever thought and simply having the coding knowledge along with the know-how regarding its implementation is just a part of it. More than that, a coder who can make worthwhile contributions by understanding how to establish themselves as a coder remains the other part. If you desire to make a mark in the industry as a coder, then here a few things you will have to consider on priority.

It’s more of how you manage

The efficiency of a Java developer can be determined by how far they are able to manage the tasks rather than how much business they actually attract. It is better not to lose sight of the goals and staying least bothered about how your career advances or goes down. Try to expand your limits by learning other programming languages other than Java. This will make you more efficient and ensure that you do not become ineligible just because you are unable to apply for a job position because of the reason that you do not know any other specific programming language other than

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How to Build Your First Mobile App & Make the Business Big With Apps

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Build Your First Mobile AppThere has been a rapid explosion of apps for the past few years and this craze is especially centred towards youngsters. As the number of smart phone users are increasing, the downloading of apps is also increasing. Apps attract millions of people and thus are experiencing a tremendous growth.

App is an abbreviated form of the word “application”. Application in this case refers to a software application. An app typically refers to software used on a smart phone or mobile device such as the Android, iPhone, etc. Apps allows access of all the important information to customers at their fingertips. The fact is, now days a business cannot well flourish without its own app, no matter what the business is.

Importance of Using Apps for the Business:

  • Builds Loyalty
  • Reinforce Brand
  • Increases Visibility and accessibility
  • Exposure through mobile devices
  • Connects to more customers
  • Make fast and large sales

Planning is the first step in any management process. So with little planning and research one can establish an app. Steps for the same.

1. Define goals: Having a clear perspective as to what purpose the app will

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An All Purpose Mobile Application Development For Numerous Platforms!

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Mobile Application DevelopmentNew applications have become a norm as technology evolves. However the manner in which a seamless platform is built is going to give credence to the smooth functioning. However, how would it be determined what is an ideal platform for development? As the use of smartphones and tablets increases in a staggering manner a new means to engage with the customers have come to the fore. You must have the relevant tools to develop meaningful platforms for the new devices.

You must also evaluate the different types of users before developing a platform. For instance, you need to get an idea why people use Android or Tablets. The interactivity that people want to generate from these applications can offer valuable insights in understanding the customers’ preferences and their precise needs. A realistic and viable platform is required in order to attract customers. This requires a thorough understanding of coding so that all details are appropriately attended by the developer. In the same way compatibility of screen size and adjusting numerous features requires exhibiting high levels of expertise.

The suitability of the application is highly dependent on


What’s Best for My Site, WordPress or Joomla

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WordPress or JoomlaYou have to be really careful when it comes to selecting an appropriate platform for SEO. It’s very difficult to advise someone about this because the choice should mainly be based on the needs of the websites and has to be personalized. Most of the times, users struggle between Joomla and WordPress. Both of them have their own benefits, but WordPress has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years. This is obviously for good reasons. Despite the popularity, Joomla is followed just behind.
Here we analyze them to decide what is best for your SEO.

1. WordPress as a Winner

There are many advantages of using WordPress. One of the biggest perks of using it is that you don’t have to be an expert at HTML coding in order to operate it. Changes to the website can be made even if you have very little knowledge to it because it is comparatively very easy to operate. The variety of themes available makes it cheaper to build the website. It is amazing because search engine optimization is

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What Is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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World Wide Web ConsortiumThe World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web. W3C was founded in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and author of the first Web server and client program as well as author of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), the computer language primarily used to publish information on the Web. W3C is composed of member organizations from Apple, Inc. to Zhejiang University who work together to develop and maintain standards for the Web as well as educating, developing software and serving as a forum for discussion about the Web. Members of W3C include businesses, nonprofit organizations, universities, governmental entities, and individuals.

W3C’s purpose is to create standards that allow common accessibility among all users of the Web, particularly by addressing incompatibility issues between industry vendors, essentially making it a quality control apparatus for the Web. Standards recommended by member organizations proceed through a four-step process before they are certified as being W3C-compatible.

According to the W3C’s Web site, their mission is “to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing

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What’s New in Xcode 8 for a Swift App Development Company

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Xcode 8Customer experience would be the key business differentiator in the coming years. Brands and their business decision-makers, customer service analysts and scholars around the world share this common opinion when it comes to exploring ways of gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The same endeavor found a reflection in the Apple’s modus operandi in the concluding WWDC 2016. With the announcement of iOS 10, which is expected to hit the market by the fall of the year, Apple plans to fuel its customer experience strategy and make a bigger impact in the market. Undeniably, it’s not going to materialize without the active support of every Swift app development company and their development teams.

Let’s take a look at the prominent resources made available by the company in its latest IDE (Integrated Development Environment), i.e. Xcode 8.0 Beta to favor the development of iOS 10-compatible apps.

Source Editor Extensions

Xcode 8 adds support for Xcode Source Editor Extensions. Application Extensions provide additional commands in the Xcode Editor menu. The extensions can be used to modify texts and

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Tips To Make PSD To HTML Conversion Simpler

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PSD To HTML Conversion SimplerWhen thinking about an online business, you must think about a website that is appealing and usable. PSD to HTML conversion aims to deliver professional looking websites with a consistent design. With such a website you can count on improved conversion rates. PSD files need lots of technical expertise and time to convert and the corrective measures need to be taken to change the files to HTML. You can look for experts offering the conversion services or use a few helpful tips to make the conversion process simpler for you.

Tip 1 – Start by creating a website that is cross browser compatible

Conversion of PSD files to HTML helps in the designing of sites that are validated and compatible with popular browsers. This ensures that your site can be accessed from browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. With hand coded markups, your website will achieve faster loading times, therefore giving users a good browsing experience.

Tip 2 – Keep the PSD files professionally organized

Tools like Photoshop have plenty of files including fonts, backgrounds, photos and PSD files.

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7 Signs You Are Implementing DevOps Wrong

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mplementing DevOps WrongToday, many organizations are seeing the significant benefit to the methodology known as DevOps. Subsequently speaking, it’s easy to add together a few tools, mix in a few methods and label yourself a DevOps focused business. Every company labeling themselves a DevOps shop says they practice DevOps and DevOps methodologies which I might add serves as an excellent tool to attract expertise to the team. Truth be said a great deal of technical recruiters stating commitment to DevOps is not actually committed at all to DevOps.

So, let’s a take a minute and look at some of the most typical misunderstanding and problematic implementations of DevOps. Chances are, your business has fallen victim to at least one of them. It doesn’t mean you aren’t practicing DevOps, it just indicates you have a ways to go before your business can satisfy the promise. DevOps isn’t a merit to be won or a standard you hope to achieve, it’s a strategy, community, communication and way of approaching the process of delivering IT Services. Take a step back, and assess your Company’s dedication to its DevOps goal. An unbias and

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Introduction to Cloud Technology

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Cloud TechnologyThe cloud is here to stay. We’re at a point where organizations are moving from dabbling in cloud provisioning to making it the backbone of the IT infrastructure. According to “The New IT Normal: Cloudy and Getting Cloudier,” by Arthur Cole:

Already, the cloud accounts for more than half of all data center traffic, according to Cisco, and that is expected to climb to 76 percent by 2018. Much of the activity so far has focused on the development of private clouds, but now that familiarity with the technology is at a critical point, expect to see broader adoption of public resources, which will ultimately evolve into hybrid cloud platforms providing highly scalable, federated data infrastructure.

Given the effect the cloud is having on companies both large and small, it’s no surprise that job postings for cloud positions are one of the fastest-growing skill sets on Dice. An analysis of searches by hiring managers shows that the future of tech pros working in the cloud is anything but gloomy.


Not surprisingly, Java is all too important to firms hiring cloud candidates. The programming language

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5 Reasons to Convince You That PHP Is the Best Language for Your Web Development Project

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PHPPHP is favoured by web developers worldwide because it offers them the breadth to create highly interactive and intuitive websites and web applications with simple execution.

When you say dynamic and interactive, the first word that strikes a seasoned web developer is PHP. This versatile server-side scripting language has all the proprietary scripting language offerings available, absolutely free of cost! We list 5 reasons to convince you that PHP is the best language for your web development project.

It’s open source, free and friendly

PHP is open source, developed and updated by the developers’ community worldwide, who ensure that the language is not just relevant but in sync with the latest technological trends. It is the most popular programming language and hence there is no dearth of developers who can see your project through to completion and be available when it’s time to make changes. The constant development effort being put in by the community ensures that the language is commonly known and remains on a friendly plane during execution.

All OS compatibility

PHP works well with LINUX, UNIX, Mac and Windows and interfaces perfectly

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Web Push Notification

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Web Push NotificationPush Notification Explained
Push Notification – What Is It?

In essence, the answer to the notifications are extremely positive. You may see within the status the app was connected to the Apple Notification servers. It’s an absolutely free app you can download and test push notifications in almost no time in any respect. It’s possible for You to manage every one of these notifications in Settings.

Get Pending Notifications

Pending notifications are such notifications which are received as the application wasn’t active. Now click the notify button and you may see a notification within the top notification bar. The user is not going to obtain any future push notifications. Push notifications on the opposite hand aren’t scheduled by the app.

Then opening a brand new app for the very first time, you’re sometimes asked if you’d like to enable the app to send you notifications. The complimentary account features support for five apps and a million devices, that could find an endless quantity of notifications. This figure shows a summary of how Amazon SNS is employed to send an immediate message to a mobile

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5 New Features on Android Wear 2.0 for Android App Development

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5 New Features on Android Wear 2.0The operating system is being optimized for hands-free operations. We bring you 5 new features on Android Wear 2.0 for Android App Development.

A new App Launcher

The app launcher has been redesigned to accommodate the round screen format and look uncluttered. Device interaction has been made user-friendly towards the new app launcher changes. Pushing the side button will display apps in an arc and a new action drawer at the bottom of the display will provide context-specific actions similar to the ones we find on the smartphone.

Notification Access

The new update will unclutter the interface, especially for spherical interface with the well placed cards. Smaller icons are displayed instead of huge messages and the notifications are easier manage with a progress bar on the bottom display showing how many cards are left in the stack. When the user raises the watch to activate it, the notification card will be first pulled up before it is hidden. Bottom to top swiping action will enable the user to normally view the notifications.

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Know What Is The Real Potential Of Your Business With Android Apps Development

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Android Apps DevelopmentDo you wish to identify the real potential of your business? WHY NOT go for Android App Development, as from the beginning, android application development has encountered a deluge of apps submitted to the Google Play Store. In the recent years, Android apps became one of the most trusted and widely used apps across the globe as multitudes incorporate these applications for their distinctive business needs. The most recent studies and analysis have demonstrated that the interest of the business professionals in Android apps has expanded tremendously for fulfilling their various business needs, thus opening up a new business market. So, aside from the rise in the demand for Android phones, Android app development services has too gained importance. Stats show that today Android applications have covered around 75% of the total market share, thus causing an increase in the demand of android app developer and Android App development company as well to satisfy the growing business needs. IDC predicted an increase of 5% in an Android market share in its report submitted in the year 2013-14. But, even with

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The Art of Code Debugging, How to Properly Debug Your Code

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Code DebuggingAs a lot of criteria would differ a newbie programmer from an experienced and skillful one, one of the most important criteria is the ability to debug their own code.

A beginner programmer would write his code snippet, leave parts “for later”, without spotting the fact that they left a bunch of bugs, compile and run the code, and then see that his code doesn’t work, for some weird reason. Well, starting from the compilation part to noticing that everything is screwed up is a part of programming itself, and bugs on the first compilation doesn’t make you a bad programmer.

But the difference between bad/inexperienced programmers and skillful/experienced programmers starts here. Most of the “programmers” out there would think about their problem for (maximum) 5-10 minutes, then go to StackOverflow/FXP/Their senior programmer friend, and post something like that:


My code doesn’t work. Here it is:

<some code>

Please fix it to me.

If you can’t spot at least 3 wrong things about this post, well, you should start thinking about a new

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Key Trends in IOS Application Development To Give Business A Needed Boost

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IOS Application DevelopmentWhether you, as a business visionary, are hoping to hire iPhone app development services or iOS developers, your definitive objective is to give your business a strong backing of highly advanced technology for helping you flourish in this competitive market and maximize your ROI.

The advancement in the iPhone and iPad has made world experience transformation in the way savvy gadgets are being operated. Whenever there is a launch of iOS new advanced versions, the business sector has something new to discuss each time. The topic of discussion always moves around the user experience and technology advancements. The enhanced UI, new APIs, and frameworks for iOS developers make iOS app development a hot subject matter in iPhone app development services providing the world. The release of new frameworks and applications give iOS developers along with your business the required credits.

So, let’s observe some of those patterns.

1 – Swift Rules

A new programming language, Swift rules the app development market and is the first preference of iOS developers. Alongside iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV are likewise making advances in the

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Best Web Programming Languages, Every Beginner Should Know

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HTML,HTML5The industry of computer science is flourishing in the global world, and the best aspect is it pays off excellent! There has been, and is always, the demand for qualified, sharp and intellectual engineers and that is the reason why youngsters are learning codes as it is the most appealing option. However, with new skills coming up in the industry, youngsters are finding it difficult to understand the ways to start.

When you are about to start, you need to know in brief about the programming languages. You definitely need to make efforts to master in the respected language (one or more), and the result will be a high paying job on your platter in the leading industry. Let us have a quick look at the 6 most popular and rewarding web programming languages of 2016 that you can go for.


• It is the latest or advanced version of Hypertext Markup Language which includes behaviors, new attributes and elements.

• It helps with enhanced flexibility, offers features of- offline editing, drag/drop, improved messaging, and elimination

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9 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Go for PHP Web Development Services

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PHP Web Development ServicesBusiness – small or large – now flourishes online. This has called for website development that can offer a dynamic interface. To stay on the top in search engine ranks, websites have to change their content (graphics, videos, text and more) frequently. From static to dynamic, websites have now come of age, thanks to PHP web development services offered by PHP developers and programmers.

PHP first appeared in 1995 and since then, it has garnered tremendous popularity. Probably the fact that Harvard University and Facebook have been developed on PHP has shot up its popularity and credibility. A PHP development company prefers this server-side scripting language because websites can be maintained easily.

Let us now check why business owners should opt for PHP web development services for their websites.

1. It is FREE!

This is the biggest advantage for any business. PHP is an open source. All you need to do is hire web developers, who possess extraordinary skill in languages like C and Java. They can do wonders for your website and consequently, your business.

2. Better Returns

Any businessman

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History of Computer Software and Programming

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Computer Software and ProgrammingBeing able to program a computer or create software is akin to knowing another language. This is not something that comes easily to everyone, and in the very beginning, it was nearly impossible for most to master.

There was no conception of computing in the worlds of our ancient ancestors. Their conceptions of computing were limited to math skills, and the technology used was an abacus. Simple devices that used pegs and cams were later used to control movements, but this is a far cry from what the world is used to today.

Real computer programming can be traced back to the 1880’s and the recording of data that was then read by a machine. This was accomplished using simple punched cards, and became the foundation of the data processing industry. In 1896 the Tabulating Machine Company was founded which would later turn into a small company we now know as IBM.

Before the 1950’s it was likely to find that each machine was using a different set of instructions, even when they served the same purpose. This was due to each program being

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